28 Day Healthy Habits Kickstart

A 4-week, focused, online program with healthy eating tips, motivation, exercise strategies, success planning and goal setting.

  • In-Depth Training
  • 17 Videos
  • 4 Weeks
  • 28 Downloadable PDFs


This is an online course that provides you with the motivation and support that you need to make that shift! You will receive 28 days worth of mouth-watering recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks) that have detailed instructions, beautiful pictures, nutrient breakdown, as well as a weekly shopping list. You also get access to a private Facebook group where you will receive support, tips and ideas from myself and other members!

Here's all the awesomeness included:

  • Detailed content and thoughts for the week to engage and excite you
  • Videos to explain key concepts that can impact your health
  • Whole foods- focus on the quality of calories, not just the number of calories
  • Exercise – finding easy ways to incorporate exercise into your routine in a fun and unique way that you can stick to, long-term
  • Keeping energized – eating at regular intervals so you can show up in all aspects of your life
  • Planning for success – meal planning made easy
  • Delicious, nutritious recipes
  • Grocery shopping guide designed to help you make healthy, in-season choices at the grocery store
  • Smoothies and juice recipes – some innovative ideas for delicious and nutritional smoothies and juices that you will love trying
  • Motivational tips from our private facebook group “28 Day Healthy Habits Kick Start” – after all, the help of a community of like-minded individuals makes it easier to succeed!

Welcome & Introduction

  • Getting Started
  • Facebook Group Link
  • Introduction Guide
  • Kitchen Clean-Out
  • Shopping Guide
  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Grocery Shopping Made Easy
  • Better Eating Guidelines
  • Action Plan Guide
  • Understanding Your Why
  • Understanding The Weight Epidemic

Week 1

  • Week 1 Menus
  • How To Determine Proper Portions
  • Maximizing Nutrients
  • Exercise Planning Worksheet
  • Measurement Weight Tracker Worksheet
  • The Colour of Urine
  • Affirmations
  • The Importance of Water
  • How Lifestyle Determines Who You Are

Week 2

  • Week 2 Menus
  • Smoothie & Juice Recipes
  • Guide to Physical Activity
  • Countdown Workout
  • Super Supplements
  • Top 10 Tips for Eating On-The-Go
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • 20 Healthy Snack Ideas
  • Sensational Smoothies
  • The Importance of Exercise
  • Setting Goals for Exercise

Week 3

  • Week 3 Menus
  • Fantastic Fiber
  • How to Choose Carbs Wisely
  • How to Curb Carb Cravings
  • Understanding Your Food Cravings
  • How Sleep Controls Your Diet
  • Meal Planning and Meal Prep
  • MindFULL Eating

Week 4

  • Week 4 Menus
  • Is Stress Making You Fat?
  • Mindful Eating
  • Relax & Manage Stress
  • Plan for Success
  • Cortisol and Stress
  • How Stress Can Make Us Gain Weight
  • You Did It!

I help women achieve radiant skin, maintain an active lifestyle and have lots of energy to do what they want. But what I’m really passionate about is teaching women how to harness the power of nature to change their biology, hormones, and genetic expression so they can live happier and healthier lives and achieve their vision of their best self!