1-1 Patient Consultations Are Draining And We All Know When We Trade Time For Money, It Caps Out Quick. Not to Mention Clinic Overhead. You Need A NEW Strategy. A Way To Generate Additional Income WITHOUT Additional Expenses or Sacrificing More Of Your Precious Time.
That's Where I Come In...

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Why Working With Tara Is The Best Way To...

Add Additional Income to Your Existing Wellness Business, Without Additional Expenses OR Sacrificing More of Your Time.

Hi, I'm Tara. I’m a naturopathic doctor turned online wellness entrepreneur and I’m happy to say there is a way to get past the one-on-one business model.

Are searching for a transition in your business?  A way to grow to the next level and stop trading time for money, past the limitation that comes with one-on-one clients?

Are you ready to look at an opportunity that can help you achieve flexibility and a balanced lifestyle?

Whatever your financial goals are, whatever your skills and education are, it does not matter because I’m going to present a way for you to make an additional income alongside or even in replacement of your existing wellness business.

To partner with a wellness company that has revolutionary products, systems and support.

To create the life you want on your terms.

I've found a solution that works. Let me teach you how this business-in-a-box can work for you!

Here Are Some Professionals That Took Action and Decided To Work With Me:

"...All I've ever done was trade time for money... I knew it was something that could give me something I never had in my life and that's called choices & freedom and I stayed steadfast with what I was doing and in a short period of time... I've set my family free."

Michael Epstein - Massage Therapist

"Tara is phenomenal to work with! She is wickedly smart, motivated, jumps into action and gets things done. And she does all of this with an energetic buzz and a big smile. I am so grateful our paths crossed and we are working together. I could not ask for a better person to partner with. It's amazing what gets accomplished and how life changes when you are surrounded by great influences. I'm so excited to collaborate, I know our future is bright!"

Jill Werner

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