Restore thicker, fuller, beautiful looking hair...

FINALLY: a sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free solution designed to stop hair loss with NO side effects!


TrueScience Hair Care system is a natural solution patented to fight this root cause of hair loss.

It is the first haircare system designed for biohackers. It’s scientifically engineered with Nrf2 ingredients and the most recent advances in science, with super clean ingredients that actually works.

Are you tired of feeling self conscious because of your hair loss?

Do you want your life back? 
The life where you felt confident and weren't always worried about what others thought or were saying about your hairline?

Has this made you play small in life?


Many people don't know this about me, but I struggled with sudden hormonal changes that were affecting my hair and scalp.


  • I've always had thick, healthy, long hair but I started to notice more hair around the shower drain  
  • Then I noticed around my side part an area that looked thinner
  • My friends were talking about thinning hair more and more. And nobody had found any solutions.
  • I thought there was nothing I could do but I did start researching
  • And in my search, I was looking for clean, toxin-free haircare products...  


  • Powerful & Safe - Safely stop hair loss and regain thicker hair
  • Thicker, Fuller Hair - Healthier, longer, stronger. Stimulate growth.
  • All-Natural Solution - Science-backed. Delivers optimal results.

The company has an uncompromising approach to science.

They created a new and revolutionary haircare line to solve the clean formula vs clean hair dilemma.

After years of development, they had found what looked to be the holy grail but hired a top dermatologic research center to conduct a study on real people (like me) to see if this thing actually did what they thought it did.



Backed By Cutting-Edge Science

TrueScience Hair Care Consumer Study

The study took 50 women ages 35-65 and examine both the structure and appearance of their hair.
The first day the subjects came in and had their hair tested for things including tensile strength, follicle damage, volume, etc.

Over the next week, all of the subjects used the new TrueScience Hair Care System–consisting of three different products that work together: a scalp serum, shampoo, and a conditioner.
Each day they were tested again and after 8 days, our TrueScience Hair Care results were released:

The participants had and said:

  • 58% less hair in your brush.
  • 44% increase in hair shine. This was glaringly (no pun intended) evident from first glance in the mirror, and it showed up widely across the study.
  • 39% increase in hair volume. The participants hair was much fuller and thicker looking.
  • 51% reduction in scalp dryness. Something the participants personally noticed immediately.
  • 39% reduction in damaged hair structure.
  • It used to take my hair a day or two to get into shape after I cleaned it. With TrueScience Hair Care, I noticed almost immediately that I wasn’t getting nearly the amount of frizz I did before. Again, this showed up in picture after picture during the study.

“LOOK at this ... OMG!!! Every year my mom’s hair gets thinner and thinner. She has tried so many things spent thousands of dollars.... Now after only SIX DAYS there is a visible difference!! (Used the serum 2X a day and washed with the Shampoo & Conditioner on day 1 and day 3)”


Postpartum Shedding is no joke!!!

In my 3rd and 4th month postpartum with my second child, the clumps of hair I’ve been pulling out after washing and conditioning my hair have been massive! - Seen in the top of the photo

After just 5 days of using the TrueScience Hair Care System, the shedding has decreased significantly! Also, my hair feels all around healthier!




This is my husband Jim’s hair (crown) 9 day results of using the first to market Nrf2 HairCare System!!!

I have to admit I’m blown away by these results!!!


Ok so here is my 8 day hair journey using the Truescience hair system!

I washed every other day with the shampoo and conditioner and used the scalp serum only once a day at night before bed - although it is recommended to be used twice per day I don’t blow dry my hair so what you see is just brushed and no styling products.

First of all, the scent is amazing with mint and thyme it just feels so invigorating!

What I noticed: my hair feels fuller but not frizzy, it’s soft and shiny and more uniform like not messy looking even after brushing. You can’t see the breakage as much from having it in a ponytail daily! My hair does need a trim desperately so ignore that in the pics!

Before the breakage was way more noticeable, it definitely wasn’t as smooth and it didn’t feel as silky as it does now. I’ve always had a ton of flyaways and feel like I lose so much of it in the shower especially after having kids I’ve noticed this. I haven’t been losing much now when showering or brushing.

The scalp serum feels wonderful too and very soothing! Did I mention the mint?? It smells and feels sooooo good!!!!!!

First pics are after pics and I have before and after side by side shots.

Can’t go back to any other now! I have been converted!



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